EMR analyzes the U.S. K-12 school market in all of it facets - textbooks, supplemental materials, computer hardware, software, video, online - and in each of its grade levels, major curriculum areas, and “markets within the market”. The data contained in EMR’s publications comes from original studies conducted by EMR using an information gathering network comprised of tens of thousands of educators. Thus EMR provides you with first-hand market intelligence not available from any other source!
EMR’s information is available in several forms:
The Complete K-12 Report ®: our most comprehensive report, thoroughly updated annually, covering all aspects of the K-12 market space.
The Complete K-12 Newsletter: a monthly publication containing summaries of EMR’s latest survey findings, as well as industry news and interviews with opinion leaders and news makers.
K-12 Market Segment Reports: detailed survey reports focusing on a single market segment, such as Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Professional Development, Assessment, ELL, Supplemental Products, or Technology Buying Trends.
K-12 Market Briefs: the same unique and up-to-date EMR market intelligence contained in its more expensive reports, broken down into very targeted bites, priced from as low as $99.

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